Care Instructions:

  • We strongly recommend a gentle hand wash.
  • For lasting colour, wash & iron inside out.
  • Hang or Flat dry / do not tumble dry.
  • Do not bleach.

Sizing Guide- 

Our sizing is within an age range. Ie- 0-3 months, 12-18 months etc. Each garment is made by different manufacturers and suppliers so there may be slight differences across ranges. Please do not take notice of labels on garments stating 60, 70, 80 and if there are Chinese made sizing labels on garments these should also be ignored etc as these are international sizes and vary enormously from garment to garment. We have provided the correct sizing options for Australian infants in the descriptions. Please observe sizing in option choices on each product. Sizing guide which will be set out as below.

Below is a sizing guide which may assist you. 

Size Chart

Infant/Bsby/Toddler-by age range

0-3 months / 000 

3-6 months / 00 

6-12 months / 0 

12-18 months / 1 year 

18-24 months / 1-2 years 

Child’s sizing- by age range,

Size 2 / 2 years

Size 3 / 3 years 

Size 4/4 years

Size 5 / 5 years 


Alternatively you may see-

3mths - suit baby 3 mths 

6mths- suit baby 6mths

9mths- suits baby 9 mths 

12mths- suits baby 12mths

18mths - suits baby 18mths 

Sizing in drop down/sizing options saying 3-4 years would indicate it is between range size 3 and size 4. 



11CM ,12CM, 13CM 

A child’s foot should be 1cm smaller than shoe length. (for growth and movement)

Generally - 11cm fits 3-6mths, 12cm fits 6-12mths,13cm fits 12-18mths.

This is a general guide and it is best to measure.



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