Become a Mini Influencer


Do you have a little girl 0-18mths? We are always on the lookout for outstanding Social Media Influencers or Mums who have an eye for fashion with the cutest little ones and can take some amazing pics. A sincere love of our Store and Brand is an advantage aswell as consistent support of our social media pages.

We are seeking Mini Influencers for the No1 purpose of taking great pics for promotional purposes to be posted on your social media , and No2 , engagement with our page in the form of likes and especially comments on our posts. (all posts) 
We are offering a 20% discount code for successful applicants aswell as a 10% code for you to promote on your page for followers and friends. In addition we will send out one free clothing item and hair accessory at the end of your successful 3rd month.

You may also take the title of “Mini Influencer - Baby Boho” and place this somewhere in your bio. 


Agreements can be cancelled by either party at anytime for any reason without ill feeling or recourse. Generally opting out of the agreement works best for both parties if it is done before next lot of clothing is purchased and you have completed your commitment from previous month.

 Step 1. - Engagement with our page

Please ensure you are following us and your account is set to public. Please start engaging with our page by liking and commenting on posts. 

Step 2. Within 2 days of approval make your first purchase ( at least 1 clothing item) from our store with your 20% code. If you purchase on 16th of month you need to have completed your tasks and ready to purchase second order on 16th of the following month and so on.
Your code is private just for you. We will also give you a friends and family discount code of 10% for you to promote on your page.  
You can have the tital of Mini Influencer- Baby Boho” for your page bio whilst in the role.

Once purchased we will send out the order to you. - Next Day Dispatch

* Code cannot be applied for postage costs.*

*No returns on any items * 

* Code cannot be applied to clearance/sale items* 

 * Minimum order - 1 clothing item per month.

Clothing item is something other than an accessory and can be worn as the main outfit. 

We will send you a free clothing and accessory item at the end of your successful 3rd month. 
By successful we mean completing your tasks required for each month. 

Step 3- Photography and Promotion- Take the pics and post on your page. 

Engagement of our page is important so we ask you to support us by liking all our posts and making comments on them. This also helps with your exposure. 
Your photos should always be clear, good quality, free of clutter with a cream , white , beige, earthy or neutral background.

* You do not need to send us any photos. However if we need them we will ask you to email them to us. This way it is not creating extra work for you unessessarily. We do ask you to keep photos safe, at the ready, in case we ask for them. Thank you  

In the one month period we would like at least 1 photo or video post to your page/feed and 1 story to your page. This is all that is required. 
In every post depicting our products we would like a tag on the pic /video and also on the story.  In feed posts we would also like to be mentioned in the comments. 

*Note- We have rights to any of these photos containing our products and images may be used by us for a variety of selling and promotional purposes on our platforms. If you photograph our products with other brands please ensure , if shared , that it contains our tag and mention. 
*Please note we may request photos from you from time to time so please have them available should we ask. Thank you 

We can’t wait to hear from you and get started on this wonderful adventure together.